Land Use & Development

Land Use & Development

Extensive experience gaining positive results for our land-use clients

Land Use & DevelopmentElected officials are facing increasing public pressure to vote against development of all types. As a result, it is more important than ever that officials are provided the political cover they need in order to support good projects.

Mann Communications has extensive experience gaining positive results for our land-use clients through aggressive government, media and community relations programs. Having worked with large international and Fortune 500 companies such as the AES Corporation and Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, Inc., large development companies and builders such as Lennar, Pardee, Meritage Homes and Richmond American, smaller developers, and builders such as Holland Development, Jacobsen Family Holdings, Turner Dale, Rotkin Real Estate Group and Carlton Properties, the experts at Mann Communications provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge and experience and a winning approach to land-use entitlement.

In addition, our President, Chris Mann, has been an active partner in numerous development projects in California, Nevada and Arizona. Having worked both as a Mayor/City Councilman and as a developer, he uniquely understands the development process from both the public and private perspectives. Understanding the practices and motivations of each side better than most, he is able to provide tremendous value to the entire development process, making Mann Communications an invaluable member of any project team.

Our Approach:


As each project is unique, so are the issues surrounding a project that influence whether or not the project is ultimately approved. In order to launch a successful public relations effort, these issues must first be explored and understood.

What, for example, are the economic benefits of the project for the local area? How will the community benefit from the project? How will the project impact traffic, the environment and public safety? What groups and individuals are likely to support the project? Who is likely to oppose it? How has the local media treated similar projects in the region? Who are the key people and groups that we should be targeting with our communication?

Often we recommend that a poll be conducted at the outset of a public relations effort in order to gauge public opinion and to test the effectiveness of potential arguments for and against the project. The results of such polling are used to construct compelling messages tailored to specific target audiences.


The development of effective statements and arguments in support of a proposed project, and the project team’s discipline in staying “on-message,” are integral components of any successful communications effort. Crafting clear, concise and compelling messages that resonate with targeted audiences, and then consistently communicating those messages to key decision makers, opinion leaders and the community as a whole, is vital to the ultimate success of any project.

Mann Communications guides our clients through this important process. We work with each client to develop messages uniquely tailored to each project on issues of importance to varying target audiences. Issues include traffic, environmental impacts, economic benefits, land-use compatibility, community benefits and effects on overall quality of life. Each message is supported by “proof points,” or facts that substantiate the statements made in the message.

The product that results from this process is known as a “message deck.” The message deck is a book that contains all of the messaging for any given project. It becomes the bible for all communications about the project. In the message deck, messages are broken down and prioritized by each target audience. Utilization of the message deck makes message discipline and consistency exponentially easier, ensuring that each member of the project team, whether being interviewed by a newspaper reporter, briefing an elected official or speaking to members of the public, are on the same page and are delivering the same concise and effective messages every time.

Government Relations

Keeping communication with elected officials and staff members constant and consistent is critical to the ultimate success of a project. The experts at Mann Communications have years of experience working in and with all levels of government. From working in the Governor’s office to serving on local city councils and on the boards of special districts throughout the State, Mann Communications and our associates have the relationships and knowledge to make results happen for our clients.

Media Relations

The media plays a significant role in forming public opinion and can be seen by elected officials as an indicator of public sentiment. Skillful handling of media opportunities can go a long way toward the eventual success of a project. Poor media coverage, on the other hand, can lead to increased public opposition, negative feelings toward the project on the part of elected officials and ultimately legislative failure.

Mann Communications is well-versed in media relations. From drafting press-releases and authoring opinion-editorials to holding press conferences and editorial board briefings, Mann Communications has the ability to maximize media opportunities in order to emphasize project benefits and downplay potential negatives, leading to positive public opinion and a far greater likelihood of success.

Community Outreach

Building public support is the best way to counter what seems to be an ever-increasing amount of pressure on local elected officials to deny projects. Identifying, organizing and mobilizing supporters gives elected officials the political cover they need to vote in favor of a project.

Mann Communications has led dozens of successful community outreach campaigns. Whether creating and giving presentations tailored to specific community groups, producing direct mail, compiling a supporter database and building coalitions within a community of those who support a project, establishing a project website, gaining the support of local opinion leaders and utilizing them as credible messengers on behalf of the project, organizing “town hall meetings” or site tours, operating phone banks, placing newspaper, radio, billboard or television advertisements, or mobilizing supporters to attend critical public meetings, Mann Communications has the knowledge and experience to build the strong base of community support needed to ensure a favorable outcome.

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